S.C.F. Colorificio Ceramico S.r.l. was established in 2004 as a company for the production of ceramic pigments and glazes for ceramic industry.

Due to the incorporation of Ditta Fanciullacci snc, already operating on the field of ceramic pigments, SCF colorificio ceramico has received the know –how and ceramic tradition of that firm, and will introduce himself as ideal partner for all the companies that need high quality products and services.

Our mission is the total satisfaction of the customers that we are pursuing through the quality of our products, flexible organization and long term experience of our staff.
Successful results achieved during the past years of our activity, conviced us that this is the correct way of working and pushed us day by day to improve our quality of products and services in order to give the correct answer to our customer’s requests.

Via della Chimica, 25 - 41042 Spezzano di Fiorano (MO) Italy - tel +39 0536 843176 - fax +39 0536 926786 - email info@dittafanciullacci.it - p.iva 02931730366 Nouvelle srl - Applicazioni Web, Reti Informatiche e Sicurezza Gestita, Internet Service Provider